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How a forest ranger dealt with 2000 nudist hippies


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I N T E R N A T I O N A L W O M A N S D A Y Feminism is loud, intersectional, and not always naked in a field covered in flowers. It is a woman’s right to her body, her voice, her actions. It is Planned Parenthood, and affordable healthcare coverage. It is allyship, anger, checking privilege, and lifting up those around you. It is not letting those whose choices are steeped in misogyny get away with it anymore. It is saying the “scary” thing that you were told NOT to say. It is women hiring women. It is men hiring women. It is fighting the 53 cents an indigenous woman makes to every white mans dollar. It is men learning and growing and joining. It is gender neutral bathrooms and the protection of trans women. It’s crying when the world feels so saturated with evil, but then getting up again the next day and fighting harder. It is sexual freedom and rights of sex workers. It is empowering little girls to “run wild” instead of “keeping knees together”. It’s freeing nipples, yes, it’s celebrating each body and shape and size, yes, but it is also unsexy and uncomfortable and loud and disruptive. It is bigger than just a day and a hashtag and a social media monologue. I am honored to know and cherish all the women in my life who are fighters and creators and lovers and winners. Who win small battles on big days and scream and cry and grow and care and dance and thrive. To 2020 and beyond, the days of patriarchy in this country are dwindling 💪

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